March 2018

Universities in Thailand

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The Education in Thailand is provided by the Thai government through ministry of education from pre-school to secondary education.

Here they have public, private and non-profit schools and colleges where few colleges is administered by government few colleges to earn profit and other few by charitable organisations.

International colleges set high standards where it is highly competitive for students who want to secure admission as they have testing and interview rounds.

They take entrance exams in most prestigious colleges for students which will be very competitive and therefore done to fulfil the dreams of people who want to study in reputed colleges.

In Thailand cost of education system depends on what system you choose whether the state system or the private system as state system does not include much expenses as compared to private which will be very expensive.

Student’s life will be exciting as they have no problem when it comes to accommodation as they have both residential colleges and off campus housing. Residential colleges have separate halls for students where it is administered by the university itself and also provide facilities such as game courts, reading rooms, grocery shops, cyber cafes etc., and off campus are basically rental based where it does not include the concerns of the university.

They also help students to build their career and provide sponsorship and financial assistance.


Name of the university Country Rank Accrediation world ranking
Kasetsart university bangkok,thailand rank 1 ministry of education,Thailand 422
Mahidol university nakhon patham,thailand rank 2 ministry of education,Thailand 567
Chulalongkorn bangkok,thailand rank 3 ministry of education,Thailand 609
chiang mai university chiang mai,thailand rank 4 ministry of education,Thailand 669
Naresuan university phitsanulok,thailand rank 5 ministry of education,Thailand 908
khon kaen university khon kaen,thailand rank 6 ministry of education,Thailand 928
Suranaree university of technology nakhon ratchasima,thailand rank 7 ministry of education,Thailand 1013
prince of songkla university Hat yai rank 8 ministry of education,Thailand 1054
king mongkut’s university of technology thonburi bangkok,thailand rank 9 ministry of education,Thailand 1164
Thammasat university bangkok,thailand rank 10 ministry of education,Thailand 1166
Burapha university chonburi,thailand rank 11 ministry of education,Thailand 1170
Sripatum university bangkok,thailand rank 12 ministry of education,Thailand 1236
Assumption university bangkok,thailand rank 13 ministry of education,Thailand 1319
Rajamangala university of technology thanyaburi thanyaburi,thailand rank 14 ministry of education,Thailand 1398
Srinakharinwirot university bangkok,thailand rank 15 ministry of education,Thailand 1408


Travel on budget to Thailand

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Thailand is a world renowned destination for its beaches, mountains, culture, and food. It’s at the top of most traveller’s wish list, and it’s easy to see why it’s grown in popularity. Thailand is also a country whose economy and infrastructure is focused on tourism.


Thailand (Solo travelling) $175/week

Accommodation: $12


Water: $0.59/day

Local transport: $3.94

Entertainment: $6.29

Guide: $1.03

Intercity transportation: $12

Here are some tips and tricks you need to know while you travel to Thailand:

  • eat local

Try to saviour the local food as they are cheap options compared to food chains in big food courts , 7 Eleven and Minimart are also great alternatives as they sell anything from cheap croissants (maximum 30 baht), hot dogs, burgers and pizzas, to Thai food including curries, fried rice and much more for up to 60 baht. Don’t forget to hold onto the free stickers you get when purchasing products at 7 Eleven as these can be handed in for discounts on your next shop there!

  • Transportation

Travel through local buses instead on a taxi or a tuk tuk , even if you do ask them to go with meter instead of price they simply offer.  A good use of google maps is way to go while you are travelling abroad. But better than trains, scooters, taxis and buses, google map your area to see what is in close proximity. There is nothing cheaper and healthier than using your own legs and walking to places! Not only will you get a better sense of direction, but you will probably end up finding new areas/ things to explore along the way.

  • Living

Foe booking any accommodation places make sure to go back to online portals and compare the prices, staying in hostels is the best option, even a lodge or a loft is fine. When it comes to tours/ sightseeing, the best advice I can give is if it’s not a good packaged deal, skip the guided tours where possible, or look for all-inclusive options. Many things you can do yourself (if on land) and you do not need a guide. This will save you time, money and give you more freedom to do what you want.

  • Shopping

Shopping is really very cheap in Thailand so just travel light so that you buy things from local shops and take home. Make sure to bargain well while shopping from the local markets and be aware of the cheats and thugs as they tend to deceive tourists easily.

  • Set your BUDGET!

The last and most important piece of advice i can offer you that sums up everything that has been said is BUDGET! BUDGET! BUDGET! You cannot save money or control your finances if you do not give yourself a daily/ weekly/ monthly limit!!

When you get a job, or are still seeking a job, you need to know how much money you can spend first of all, then how much you are willing to spend, and try to see how much you can save. If you are not in a position to be bailed out by friends/ family, you have to do this! .


Travel, but always be aware of your surroundings and keep a copy of your documents where ever you travel, above all enjoy and explore all places possible as you never know you could be the next story teller of your gang!


Singapore top universities

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The Education system in Singapore has a very good reputation, offering various choices in courses.

Most of the universities in Singapore are accredited by ministry of education where it can help you understand your talent and realise your full potential. Also, it encourages you to aim high and achieve good results.

The outcomes which you will experience in Singapore that you will be able to handle all kind of decisions, students will build good relationships and face challenges of the future and will have a good sense of self awareness.

How much does it cost to study in Singapore?

The cost usually depends upon which university you have chosen whether you are doing undergraduate or post graduate it usually goes up to $2,000-$8,000.



Name of the university rank Accreditation world ranking
National university of Singapore rank 1 Ministry of education 15
Nanyang technological university rank 2 Institution of engineers Singapore 11
Singapore management university rank 3 AACSB 441-450
Singapore university of technology and design rank 4 Institution of engineers Singapore 1380
Ngee Ann Polytechnic rank 5 Singapore nursing board 2433
Singapore MIT Alliance for research and technology rank 6 2524
Singapore polytechnic rank 7 3109
Nanyang technological university national institute of education rank 8 Ministry of education 4266
Singapore institute of management rank 9 Committee for private education 4412
Duke-NUS graduate medical school Singapore rank 10 LCME 4844
James cook university Singapore rank 11 Australian Psychology 5313
Temasek Polytechnic rank 12 SAC 5455
Yale NUS college rank 13 Collaborated with NUS 5566
Nanyang polytechnic rank 14 collaboration with PSB academy 5573
Singapore institute of technology rank 15 Ministry of education 6066


Student life in Singapore is really good as it is one of the most affordable student destinations. It is one of the safest cities in the world with low crime rates. When we talk about transportation there is no difficulty as there is high accessibility through road. Rail could be used as another source of transport and depending on your destination you can choose between the mass rapid transit and the light rail transfer. Singapore can be never boring to students as there are many exciting options available, such as cinemas, board games, billiards, eating and shopping.

The Ultimate Singapore Tour Guide

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Travelling around this tiny beautiful city takes a matter of few minutes, thanks to its vibrant public transport system. Having a desire to have Indian breakfast at little India street or planning to visit amusement park for recreation at universal studios, you will reach your destination like a wind.


If you are someone who loves to bargain or enjoy shopping late in the night then, “Mustafa Shopping Centre” is the right destination for you. It functions 24/7 throughout the year, offering all kinds of shopping products ranging from electronics, apparel, footwear, cosmetics, medicines, almost everything, that if I mention everything, time would not suffice.

  • Orchard street” is considered to be a shopping hub of Singapore. This street has everything from spa’s, boutique’s, entertainment shops, bars, pubs, restaurant’s, High-end Retail showrooms which is more than enough to spend your entire day at leisure.


  • FOOD

Food in Singapore is a delight to your soul!! From, affordable hawkers to high-fine dine restaurants, The Locals and tourists will queue up for them to relish their taste buds.

  • Here is the list of dishes that you must endeavour when you are in Singapore:
  1. Hainanese chicken rice
  2. Roti prata
  3. Chilli crab
  4. Rojak
  5. Oyster Omelette
  6. Laksa
  7. Satay


  1. Gardens by the bay: It is a place where you will find the network of all the tree and plant species from around the world under a single roof.
  2. Universal Studios: This exciting amusement park is based on the theme of Hollywood movies and sci-fi, in addition to that, there are also live events from dance to comedy.
  3. Sentosa: It is a man-made island which is amazingly designed and located. It was created for fun and recreation which includes 2 km long beach, Universal Studios, Tiger Sky tower and many more…
  4. Night Safari: It is a night zoo where you will pass through a rainforest watching elephants, lions, tigers and leopards.
  5. Merlion Park: This is the Icon of Singapore, it is 8.5-metre-long statue which has a body of mermaid and face of a lion.
  6. Singapore Flyer: It is a giant observation wheel offering breath-taking views of the entire Singapore city.
  7. Jurong Bird park: This park boasts of over 300 species of birds.
  8. Underwater World: It is an aquarium featuring unique marine species.






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Thailand is a “heaven” on Earth. It is a place which has beautiful sea’s, Tall-hanging cliffs, Lush green mountains and gorgeous and mesmerizing beaches in abundance. It is also one of the best and affordable international place where one can visit on their vacations.

If you are planning to visit Thailand then, don’t forget to add “Krabi” to your travel list, I assure you that you will have the best time of your life where you will get to see gigantically tall cliffs, an amazing blend of clean blue-green waters and of course the beaches! Which is the main highlight of visiting Krabi.

Here is the list of places that you should visit when you are in Krabi, Thailand.

  1. Phi-phi islands
  2. Railay Beach
  3. Ko Pada
  4. Phra Nang Caves
  5. Ao Nang Beach

Now coming to Bangkok, this city has a lot to offer for the tourists especially in terms of food, shopping and temples and palaces.

  1. Grand Palace: It was built in 1782 and it is the home of Thailand kings for about 150 years. This palace certainly draws attention and leaves the tourists in awe with its amazing historic architecture.
  2. Floating Market: Floating Market offers an authentic experience and is certainly a crowd puller (especially the tourists). Enjoy the experience as the boats float by, filled with fresh fruits and vegetables. You can also try the delicious local food which is cooked right on the boat.
  3. Chinatown: Chinatown is colourful, energetic and dynamic. It is jam-packed with Street food stalls, gold shops and market stalls. To witness the Chinatown at its best, make sure you visit during Chinese New Year.


Bangkok is real special for its markets, make sure you carry more Baht’s (Thailand currency) and bring home as many things as you can.

If you are a party animal and looking to get “turnt up”, then Bangkok and Pattaya is the place to be. These places have a lot to offer when it comes to Night-life, A lot of travellers visit Thailand solely for this purpose.



If you are a shopping freak, then you must visit Thailand because it offers wide variety of products at a comparatively lower price.

Before you head out for shopping, make sure you make a list of things that you want to buy to avoid wandering aimlessly in the city. With everything from Antiquities, Jewellery, Branded clothes, Electronics and the list goes on & on, Bangkok has an equally unique markets and malls for particular goods from where you should buy to get good deals for your buck.


  1. For Jewellery: MBK Market
  2. Wholesale Clothes: Pratunam Market and Platinum Mall
  3. For Seafood, Vegetables and Fruits: Klong Toey Fresh Market
  4. Tailored Clothes: Patpang Road
  5. Looking for everything in the single place: Chatuchak Market (It is a weekend market covering almost 30 acres and is divided to 28 different sections, you will get all the goods that you had imagined off.



Non-Vegetarian people will absolutely love to get their taste buds relished. Thailand offers a variety of dishes that will definitely make your tongue watery and will leave you craving to try all the dishes mentioned on their menu.

Unfortunately, for the vegetarian people there isn’t much of unique special dishes you can try, although there are many Indian restaurants in Bangkok where you can revise the taste of “Desi Tadka” (Indian Spicy food). Ok so moving on, I am going to give you a list of Thai-dishes that you must try.


  1. Pad Thai: It is a very special Thai Noodles. You will find this at local eateries and at streets generally. Pad Thai has different versions according to your taste, it can be consumed with seafood, vegetables or chicken, the choice is all upon you.
  2. Green Curry Chicken: If you are into spicy food, then you must definitely try this. I personally find this as the spiciest curry I have ever had in my entire life. Its main ingredient is chicken, vegetables, beef, mushrooms, red chillies any many more which I can’t remember though. Although you can customize it according to your preference.
  3. Tom Yum Goong: This Thai soup is a delight to all the sea food lovers. its main ingredients are shrimp, vegetables, lemon grass, mushrooms and coriander leaves. You can also go for a milder version if you are not into spicy taste.
  4. Thai Celery vegetable soup: This is an all vegetable soup. Its main ingredients are broccoli, cabbage, carrots, beans, lemon grass and Thai red chilli pepper. This soup is perfectly spicy (Not too much spicy nor too low).
  5. Yam: You are bound to encounter this Thai salad as it is consumed as a side dish/ starter. This soup is a combination of meat, sea food and fresh herbs.



Advancement in technologies the previous couple of years in Singapore

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Amid the most recent years, the occasion inclines in Singapore experienced innovative development. The improvement of tourism involved the development of different regions and businesses of the nation. Singapore has turned into the ideal setting for prominent occasions identified with sports, finance, wellbeing, science and so forth. Consequently, the occasion overseeing organizations have progressed toward becoming utilizing creative advancements to give subjective administrations to their clients.


Computerization of advertising and email

It sounds fantastic, yet email mechanization has accomplished an epic level of development as of late. In spite of the surge of informal communities and informing applications, email remains a basic piece of the special battles for occasion coordinators. The utilization of such programming apparatuses as Pardot, HubSpot, Eloqua and others, empowers to send more redid and significant electronic letters to potential guests. As a matter of fact, email is viewed as the significant showcasing channel for occasion coordinators.


Inclining Technologies for Event Planning

The upgrades in arranging occasion concentrate on encouraging crafted by occasion organizers. The advancements are for the most part identified with robotization of different procedures.


Inclining Technologies for Event Marketing

Occasion showcasing is another necessary piece of occasion administration. It assumes a critical part in the advancement of items, brands, and occasions. The innovations for occasions are generally spoken to by programming devices and applications.


Occasion Apps

Occasion applications give an incredible chance to join different exercises of occasion advertisers and consolidate them across the board advantageous way. It ought to be noticed that cutting edge occasion applications must be multi-utilize in light of the fact that building up an application for one specific occasion isn’t proficient and unbeneficial. Clients are not keen on downloading an application for one utilize as it were. Subsequently, the multipurpose applications are the future in occasion advertising.



Online administrations for occasion promoting

In the web, there are various online administrations to aid occasion promoting exercises. These incorporate Lanyrd (social meeting catalogue to advance your occasion), Bizzabo (stage for enlistment, advertising and advancing your occasion), DoubleDutch (stage for usage of your occasion) and numerous others.


Trending Technologies for Event Organizing

The association of the occasion itself is the third fundamental advance of occasion administration. This procedure incorporates the realization of the arranged exercises of the occasion. So as to ideally make progress for your occasion, the participants ought to be energized and now and again, perhaps even stunned. Which bodes well, given the coordinators endeavour to actualize different innovations.


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Instead of the tacky merlion keychains and t- shirts saying ‘I love Singapore’. Here is a list of things that will surely be loved by your family and friends!


Peranakans are the decedents of people from marriages between Chinese/ Indian man and a local Malaysian/ Indonesian woman. Singapore is widely known from its Peranakan culture. The best gift that can be given to your loved ones that will highlight the Peranakan culture is a Peranakan tile square cushion, tote bag or a Singapore island bracelet. A cherry blossom ring, an important art of the Peranakan culture bought from the heritage jeweller Choo Yilin will be loved by the bling lovers!


For all those foodies or the ones who love to cook, these stylish infographic posters are a must buy! They contain the recipes of the famous Singaporean food and will also look amazing on that kitchen wall of yours.


For that special one, a beautiful gold plated orchid pendent necklace is the best buy! Singapore is known for the beautiful orchids that it produces! It will make a very meaningful gift and it does hold the spirit of Singapore. Luxury crocodile skin bags widely available in Singapore presented as a gift will greatly be admired and appreciated.


Singapore is known for its tiger beers! Tiger beer is a locally brewed beer which is pale gold in colour and is not very bitter rather light on the palate!


To add to the wonderful décor of your home, a miniature merlion and a lunar calendar with Singaporean English phrases written on each page leaving you in splits is a must buy!


Singaporean pressed coins will be cherished by a coin collector and will definitely add more value to his/ her coin collection. These coins are elongated coins which are engraved with designs that unique to Singapore! There are machines placed at tourist spots to make these coins so that the tourists that theirs done right in front of them!



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Internationally recognized for his breakout role as Jasper Hale in The Twilight Saga (2008-2012) Jackson Rathbone was born to American parents living in the Republic of Singapore. Growing up internationally, Jackson spent his adolescent years living in Tanager, Norway and Midland, Texas. After graduating high school from the prestigious Interlachen Arts Academy, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting and music. As an actor, Jackson has appeared in over twenty motion pictures, including two international franchises, and appeared in multiple television shows as leads, guest stars, and in recurring roles.


Lee was born 1973 in Singapore, to a working-class family. His father was a technician, and his mother, Sai Wan, was a cashier. The youngest of four children, Lee, in his childhood, would enjoy fiddling with his mother’s make-up kits. He attended Bedok Primary School[1] and Chai Chee Secondary School. Interested in the field of make-up in as early as his primary school years, he studied the subject at Cosmotron Academy. Lee is reportedly friends with professional hairstylist David Gan. Lee has openly admitted to receiving plastic surgery, and applying make-up on a daily basis. He is an avid perfume collector, and has more than a hundred bottles in his collection. This interest started in his teenage years, when he had to hide the perfumes from his mother.


Stefanie Sun is a Singaporean singer-songwriter. In 2000, she released her debut album, Yan Zi, which won her a Golden Melody Award for Best New Artist. In 2004, she released her eighth studio album, Stefanie, which won her another Golden Melody Award for Best Mandarin Female Singer. Having sold more than 30 million records, she achieved popularity in mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia.


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The Culture of Singapore

We all know what a beautiful nation Singapore is. With scenic beauty, it is one of the most visited nations and major tourist attraction in the world.

Singapore emerged as a nation in 1965. It derived its name from “Singa-Pura” meaning The City of Lion, a commonly used term in the fourteenth century,

Singapore is a multilingual nation consisting of four major languages – Malay, English, Indian (Tamil) and Chinese (Mandarin).

The Singaporean flag is divided into equal red and white horizontal sections symbolizing unity and purity. A white crescent moon and five stars in a circle symbolize a growing nation and the ideals of democracy, peace, progress, justice, and equality. The national anthem and national motto are in Malay. Other symbols draw on the distinct ethnic traditions.

The religious culture in Singapore is just as diverse as the population. Singaporeans learn about the religious customs and traditions of other population groups early on. On the list of public holidays in Singapore are Christian, Muslim, and Indian holidays, among others. The state is home to ten major religions, including Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, Hinduism, and Christianity. Some people even accept more than one faith. However, discrimination in Singapore is still a problem at times.

Singapore is indeed one of the most multi-cultural city-state in the world and with its diversification provides a wide range of world beauty. Although like every other nation, it has its own issues to tackle, it is a hotspot and hub for various business entities.



Unique & Weird

Here is a list of some cool, quirky, weird and unique facts about the City of Lion, Singapore –

Antique Anthem:

Singapore’s national anthem, Majulah Singapura’ is in Malay, even though the official working language of the country is English!

Happy October

October just might be the favourite month of Singapore. A larger percentage of people celebrate their birthdays in this month. Happy October everyone!

 Kilometre Power

With only 50 kilometers in width (running east to west), the little red dot has 3,356 kilometers stretch of road in its totality. If this entire length is joined end-to-end, it is   believed to cover the distance from Singapore to Hong Kong!

 Chew Laws

Singapore may be a charismatic nation but chewing gum will make things tough. It is illegal to import and sell chewing gum on the island. However if you manage to get some gum and spit it in public, you risk being fined heavily!

Bizarre Law

Though Singaporeans are lovely people, using neighbour’s unsecured Wifi or not flushing public toilet might get you heavily fined for your insolence.

Have a comfortable stay in Singapore with these fun facts and make sure to avoid “Faux-pas”. Happy Holidays!!!


Clothing Styles in Singapore

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Singaporeans have a regard for personal style and good looking outfits, they are known for many things such as their love for good food is one but are also known for their unique style of clothing as well. There will be plenty of fashion within Singapore.

As Singapore is a cosmopolitan city, the Clothing style of Singapore is casual just like other countries. The style varies on the basis of their lifestyles and age, though the younger generation follow some street style and latest fashion while the older generation dress more conservative. Flip flops and sandals are almost very common, especially with the younger crowd.

As the weather is warm and humid all year round, the layering of clothes is to a minimum. Casual t- shirts, shorts, caps and hats are the usual attire as these are lightweight and allow the body heat to escape. The sun is very hot so plenty of sunscreen is suggested with a travel umbrella.

Their traditional dress is the Chinese Cheongsam or qipao is one of the icons of the Asian fashion. The tight fitting dress with a high collar is a product of silk or cotton, and is an elegant alternative to a cocktail dress.

The Malyas ethnic dress is called as the Baju Kurung, it is along flowing skirt paired with a long sleeved, knee length blouse. It is a loose and airy but lately the new versions are more fitted runway inspired trends with a range of colours and patterns and trendy accessories.

With different ethnic groups present in Singapore, many attires are accepted a dress is very casual but western clothing is the most common.

For business white shirts, tie and trousers are common for men and women wear blouses with sleeves and skirts or trousers.

So now you know what you gonna be wearing in Singapore the next time you are there.