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Clothing Styles in Singapore

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Singaporeans have a regard for personal style and good looking outfits, they are known for many things such as their love for good food is one but are also known for their unique style of clothing as well. There will be plenty of fashion within Singapore.

As Singapore is a cosmopolitan city, the Clothing style of Singapore is casual just like other countries. The style varies on the basis of their lifestyles and age, though the younger generation follow some street style and latest fashion while the older generation dress more conservative. Flip flops and sandals are almost very common, especially with the younger crowd.

As the weather is warm and humid all year round, the layering of clothes is to a minimum. Casual t- shirts, shorts, caps and hats are the usual attire as these are lightweight and allow the body heat to escape. The sun is very hot so plenty of sunscreen is suggested with a travel umbrella.

Their traditional dress is the Chinese Cheongsam or qipao is one of the icons of the Asian fashion. The tight fitting dress with a high collar is a product of silk or cotton, and is an elegant alternative to a cocktail dress.

The Malyas ethnic dress is called as the Baju Kurung, it is along flowing skirt paired with a long sleeved, knee length blouse. It is a loose and airy but lately the new versions are more fitted runway inspired trends with a range of colours and patterns and trendy accessories.

With different ethnic groups present in Singapore, many attires are accepted a dress is very casual but western clothing is the most common.

For business white shirts, tie and trousers are common for men and women wear blouses with sleeves and skirts or trousers.

So now you know what you gonna be wearing in Singapore the next time you are there.


Modes of transit

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  1. Plane: Flying is mostly preferred in Australia (80%) because the distance between cities is pretty large. Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane are the major airports in Australia followed by Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, Darwin and Cairns. The main domestic airline in Australia is Qantas and its low budget alternative is called Jetstar and one of its competitors is Virgin Blue, which also covers all areas of Australia. Flights generally get booked quickly so decision to book a flight must be quickly taken. Good bargaining will result in low rates of tickets because the airlines provide good discount offers and also internet special fares. So one should take time to search for discount offers rather than paying full price.
  2. Bus: Greyhound Australia is the only national bus service which provides hassle-free and affordable services to all age groups. Though the buses are cosy and provides a smooth ride, travelling between major cities will be time-consuming.
  3. Rail: Another option to travel is the rail networks. People opt for this mode because it is faster than bus and it also provides scenic routes. Even those who prefer doing overnight travels opt for this network. But the disadvantage is that it is not suitable for long distance travels, it is a slow source of transportation and is also expensive.
  4. Vehicle: It is economical for the visitors to rent or purchase a car. Those planning to study abroad for a couple of months or planning for a long trip in this place can take a car on rent, which will be economical for them. One can stick to Highway 1 because it is close to coast which gives a wonderful scenic drive and it also encompasses most of the areas of Australia which adds to the benefits of this mode of transport.





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Dato’ Jimmy Choo originates from a group of shoemakers in Penang. His name, Jimmy Choo, was really incorrectly spelled on his introduction to the world authentication; Jimmy Choo should be Jimmy Chow! His organization’s worldwide acknowledgment for its costly and top of the line handcrafted ladies’ shoes can be followed back to his dad who showed Choo how to make his first shoe at 11 years old. Jimmy helped to establish Jimmy Choo Ltd in 1996 however has since sold his half stake in the organization to his prime supporter, Tamara Mellon. Situated in London, Jimmy Choo is right now associated with an undertaking to set up a shoemaking organization in Malaysia.


“Now everyone can fly,” is the acclaimed slogan for AirAsia. What’s more, the man behind the effective minimal effort aircraft is non-other than the Malaysian-British business person, Tony Fernandes. Fernandes, the originator of Tune Air, is in charge of presenting Malaysia’s first minimal effort carrier, AirAsia, and has diverted it from a coming up short government-connected business property into a very lucrative open recorded aircraft organization. Fernandes likewise campaigned open skies concurrence with Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore to Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamed in the mid-2003. He is likewise associated with an unscripted television arrangement: The Apprentice Asia, is the originator of the Caterham F1 Formula One and the Chairman of Queens Park Rangers. As of February 2014, Forbes Asia’s Malaysia’s Richest esteemed Fernandes’ total assets at $650 million, positioning him 28th on the rundown.


Datuk Nicole Ann David is presently positioned world number 1 in ladies’ squash. She is the principal Asian lady to accomplish this title. Nicole is a seven-time World Open Squash Championship record holder and a five-time British Open Squash Championship record holder. She has likewise won the World Junior Squash Championship title twice and is an eight-time Asian Squash Championship record holder. Nicole held an amazing 13-month, 51-coordinate winning streak from March 2006 until April 2007. She lost in the finals of the 2007 Seoul Open Squash Championship. She was likewise – on seven events – the Women’s Squash Association Player of the year from 2005 – 2010 and 2012.




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Born in Sydney, Jackman is an Australian actor, singer, multi-instrumentalist, dancer and producer. He is best known for his role in the ‘Wolverine’ in the X- Men movies. After nearly a decade of portraying the character of wolverine, he finally said a goodbye to the character with the movie Logan which released in 2017.


Her real name being Amanda Lee Rogers, Rossi was born in Horsham, Victoria. She is best known for her portrayal of Nelle Porter, a lawyer on the American series Ally McBeal for which she also won the Screen Actors Guild Award in 2009. She named herself as Portia Lee Rossi after William Shakespeare’s character of Portia in The Merchant of Venice. She is married to a comedian and television host Ellen DeGeneres.


He was born in Tasmania but moved to Australian mainland three years after his birth along with his family. He shot to success due to his acting in the Australian TV show ‘Naked’. He is best known for his portrayal of Max Rourke in the remake of the Japanese horror film Ring 2 and as Christian Thompson in the film adaptation of The Devil Wears Prada.


Born in Melbourne, Liam Hemsworth is best known for his portrayal of Gale Hawthorne in the famous Hunger Games Series. He was also a part of the movie Independence Day: Resurgence as Jake Morrison which didn’t do as well as its predecessor at the box office.


Nicole Kidman was actually born in Hawaii when her Australian parents were in the United States of America for temporary stay. They returned to Australia when she was 4. She started her acting career with the Australian film ‘Bush Christmas’. She stared her Hollywood career with the movie ‘Days of Thunder’. She is best known for her role of Dr. Chase Meridian in the highest grossing live action film ‘Damsel in Distress’. She has been a goodwill ambassador of UNICEF since 1994.




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  • JET LI: JET LI was born on April 26th, 1963 in Beijing, China, although his Nationality is Singaporean. He is one of the most famous and fantastic actors in Hollywood. Just like Bruce lee and Jackie Chan, He is also an expert in martial arts which gained fame for him in the American industry. Jet li, started demonstrating his skills at the age of 11, since then he went on winning national championships.

As he started touring the world demonstrating his martial

Art abilities, he got an offer from Chinese film industry and was

Seen playing lead roles in the movies. Recognising his martial

Arts and excellent acting skills in the movies, the lucrative

Offer of working in Hollywood movies came on his way,

Immediately he left a positive impact on the American

Audience. Despite cultural and language barriers he rose to

Fame almost instantaneously as most of his movies were




  • Jeanette Aw: She is a well-known Singapore celebrity. She is blessed with multiple talents. She is an actress, filmmaker and author, talented!! Right?

She was a full time professional artiste at MediaCorp (commercial group in media business) from 2002 to 2017. She holds the record of winning the most awards at MediaCorp’s star awards, sweeping 29 awards.

She has acted in over 30+ Television series, through her TV shows, she has acquired fame, love & support from the people. Off the screen, she is a very humble and compassionate which is why she is loved the most by the people.


  • JC Sum: He is a famous magician and an illusion designer in Asia. His affection towards magic started at the age of 12! That’s amazing right?

Despite his passion towards magic, he did not lose focus towards his education in school. Along with his education, he started performing magic shows in school events and gained appreciation. He also served his National duty in military which is mandatory for people living in Singapore. He dropped out of college and started performing magic shows with “Ning”. The duo partnership was full of energy and enthusiasm. The duo went on to be highly successful in the field of magic. They are recognized as the “Best in Asia”.





Everything you need to know about U.A.E

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U.A.E stands for United Arab Emirates situated in the middle east bordering the Gulf of Oman, Saudi Arabia and Persian Gulf. This Country is extremely hot and humid, make sure you wear light cotton clothes to minimize the wrath of the sweltering sun.

U.A.E is a federation of seven states, it has gone now in becoming a super economic power of Middle East. Before 1950s, fishing was the major economic activity of U.A.E but after when they discovered and started exporting oil, its economy skyrocketed thereafter.

Dubai is the most popular and famous city in U.A.E. It is also one of the wealthiest and luxurious city in the world, thanks to its advanced real estate, Finance and banking sector and most importantly oil and natural gas sector.

What is shocking and surprising is that, Dubai has transformed from what it used to be sand dunes before into big massive metropolitan city.



  1. BURJ KHALIFA: Burj Khalifa redefined modern engineering and it is now the tallest tower in the world, standing at 830 metres tall it would be enthralling to sky dive from the tip of Burj Khalifa. This mega skyscraper consists of 163 floors and it will take your entire day at leisure.
  2. Burj-Al-Arab: It is one of the best luxurious hotel in the world. The design of the hotel resembles to that of a sail of a ship. It is standing on an artificial island near the Jumeriah beach.
  3. The Dubai Mall: It is the largest and prestigious shopping mall in the world. It is located at the centre of the city. This mall contains over 1000 retail outlets and over 150 restaurant and cafes.
  4. Sheikh Zayed Mosque: This mosque is an architecture masterpiece. Its design was inspired by Persian and Mughal architecture. It a must for you to witness the Arabic culture and their history. Here people gather for prayers and during Muslim festivals.
  5. Ferrari World: If you are someone who is true diehard fan of Ferrari racing, then don’t think twice to pay a visit, just close your eyes, start saving money and visit here. It is the World’s first Ferrari branded theme park in the world. This amusement park boasts of world’s fastest roller coaster and along with it there are many family friendly attractions, live shows, Ferrari stores to shop and famous Italy based restaurants and cafes.
  6. Ski Dubai: This is a first ever snow park in Middle East located in the “Mall of Emirates”. Whether you want to learn doing ski or want to jump off snow ramps to show off your skills, this is the place to do it. You will also encounter snow penguins up-close and personal that will surely be loved by your family.
  7. Dubai Aquarium: This is the place where you will get a glimpse of an Under-water Ocean life. This place has a lot of diverse ocean species which will surely make it memorable.





Top university in Malaysia

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Higher education in Malaysia is not that easy as we think because anyone who wants to pursue their higher education need to have their academic records and be able to fund their education.

Malaysia is ranked the 11th most popular destinations in the world for international education. Here the study opportunities include diploma, post graduates and under graduates.

In Malaysia most of the courses in universities are conducted in English as it will attract a huge number of students who already have a high level of English.

The cost of living in Malaysia is 50% cheaper compared to other countries like USA, and Canada. The actual cost of living depends upon your accommodation and also your personal lifestyle.

The benefits you will experience here is high quality education system and standards. You will feel safe, comfortable and it is peaceful, students get to taste wide variety of food.

Allows ease of communication as they put into practice of different languages like Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi, Tamil, Hakka and other indigenous languages



Name of the country Country rank Accreditation world ranking
University Malaya Malaysia rank 1 ministry of higher education 697
University technology Malaysia Malaysia rank 2 ministry of higher education 884
University saints Malaysia Malaysia rank 3 ministry of higher education 911
University technology Mara Malaysia rank 4 ministry of higher education 929
University Putra Malaysia Malaysia rank 5 ministry of higher education 1004
University Kebangsaan Malaysia Malaysia rank 6 ministry of higher education 1030
university Utara Malaysia Malaysia rank 7 ministry of higher education 1293
University Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia Malaysia rank 8 ministry of higher education 1536
University tun Hussein onn Malaysia Malaysia rank 9 ministry of higher education 2069
AL-Madinah international university Malaysia rank 10 ministry of higher education 2073
University Malaysia Sarawak Malaysia rank 11 ministry of higher education 2089
University Tenaga national Malaysia rank 12 ministry of higher education 2094
university Tunku Abdul Rahman Malaysia rank 13 ministry of higher education 2217
Multimedia university Malaysia rank 14 ministry of higher education 2845
university Malaysia Perlis Malaysia rank 15 ministry of higher education 3103




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The Emirati Cuisine is a blend of many Middle Eastern and Asian Dishes. You will find the Traditional food of the U.A.E to be very Delicious, Unique and Special in Taste. Most of their Traditional food contains Fish, Meat and Rice as their main ingredient.

Due to very harsh dry condition, they have to consume Meat and Diary products to keep them energetic and hydrated throughout the day.

Arabic Food has always fascinated the tourists from across the World because they never get to see and taste the Rich Arabic Traditional food in their home countries.

Here, I will give you a list of Arabic Dishes that you must try when you are in U.A.E

  1. AL-HAREES: It is a famous dish of UAE. It is made up of meat and wheat. It is very simple dish with very less ingredients added in it. You can also add other spices to enhance its taste to gratify your taste buds.
  2. SHAWARMA: It is made with lamb or chicken with a mixture garlic sauce, pickles, fries and tomatoes and it is wrapped in Arabic Roti. This dish is more like kebab.
  3. KABSA: Kabsa is a dish where Basmati rice is served with Meat/Chicken, Vegetables and Spices.
  4. BALALEET: Balaleet is a sweet orange or yellow coloured noodles served with omelette on top.
  5. MACHBOOS: It is a dish made up of rice which is cooked with chicken and mutton.

So, already feeling hungry? Pack your bags and head to UAE and try out all the dishes which I mentioned and get your tongue tasted!!



Best Places to Shop in U.A.E

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Shopping is a National hobby of the Emirati people and it is the major attraction for tourists.
U.A.E has elegant super luxury malls with all the high-end luxury retail showrooms combined with traditional market stalls.
Even still today, the Emirati men gather together in the traditional souks (Arab Market place) and discuss their important day’s activity or business deals over a sheesha and Arabic coffee. The traditional souks have been preserved and maintained by Arabic Government to retain their traditional charm.
In Dubai, you will find a lot of huge luxury shopping Malls and you will encounter with almost high-end luxury retail brands here.
Every year Dubai hosts a shopping festival which starts from December 26th and it goes on till January. It will be month long festival.
1. AL AIN MALL: It is a massive shopping mall and entertainment centre which is spread over 30,000 sq. ft. This mall comprises of 400+ stores and it has majorly mid – to – high end fashion stores.
2. Abu Dhabi Mall: It is located in Central Abu Dhabi; this mall comprises of over 200+ stores and is considered as one of the best malls of Abu Dhabi.
3. Mall of Emirates: This mall is located at very famous and popular “Sheikh Zayed Road” in Dubai. It comprises of over 700+ retail stores and over 100+ restaurants and cafes. Apart from shopping there are various recreational and entertainment activities. This mall boasts of having the first Snow Ski park in Middle East.
4. Ibn Battuta Mall: This mall is also situated in famous “Sheikh Zayed Road”. This is the World’s first Country based Theme mall. This Mall consists of Six Courts and the design of each Court is inspired by Six countries culture and history which was travelled by the Great Moroccan traveller “Ibn Battuta”
5. Souk Madinat Jumeirah: Bazaar in traditional Middle Eastern style with stalls & restaurants under wooden covered arcade.


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Every trip that we make alone or with our loved ones, we always want to keep away something as a memory of the amazing trip that we have had. Shopping is an essential of travelling because it helps us in exploring the place as well as help us understand the beauty and culture of that place. A trip to Australia and you have your friends and family constantly telling you to get them something from there. With this curated list you will know exactly know what to get them that will be loved by them!

We all know that Australia is associated with macadamia nuts and nougats but there is a lot more that you can pick up from the supermarkets of Australia! Tim- Tam, a mouth- watering chocolate bar that also comes in exclusive and intensive flavours like the red velvet and chewy caramel flavour that is not easily available anywhere else. Vegemite, a small jar that you may mistake to be the Australian version of Nutella but is actually quite salty in flavour and it is advisable to spread just a little bit on a hot buttered piece of toast to enjoy its unique taste!
To bring a smile on your kids face, a kangaroo or koala stuff toy will be an excellent choice to pick up. Koalas are the most popular animals found in Australia as they are beautiful and cute creatures. Koalas live near human habitat and there is high chance of interaction between humans and them. Kangaroos are another popular animal of Australia and appear on their coat of arms.
Mugs, T- shirts, caps with pictures of the sites in Australia can be gifted to our loved ones. They would love the print of the Australian flag on them! Another exciting gift for them could be the wooden post cards that may be used as an excellent piece of décor in their homes along with fridge magnets to adorn their fridges. Australia also known for its traditional boomerangs which could be used for an interesting game between the two of you! And for that special someone, opals are the perfect choice! There are ample of jewellers who will help you pick out the stunning gem namely the Hardy Bros and Flame opals.
With over 2500 wineries in the country, you will easily be able to find the perfect wine to excite your taste buds. The best places to find wine is from hunter valley, Yarra valley and Barossa!