Clothing Styles in Singapore

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Singaporeans have a regard for personal style and good looking outfits, they are known for many things such as their love for good food is one but are also known for their unique style of clothing as well. There will be plenty of fashion within Singapore.

As Singapore is a cosmopolitan city, the Clothing style of Singapore is casual just like other countries. The style varies on the basis of their lifestyles and age, though the younger generation follow some street style and latest fashion while the older generation dress more conservative. Flip flops and sandals are almost very common, especially with the younger crowd.

As the weather is warm and humid all year round, the layering of clothes is to a minimum. Casual t- shirts, shorts, caps and hats are the usual attire as these are lightweight and allow the body heat to escape. The sun is very hot so plenty of sunscreen is suggested with a travel umbrella.

Their traditional dress is the Chinese Cheongsam or qipao is one of the icons of the Asian fashion. The tight fitting dress with a high collar is a product of silk or cotton, and is an elegant alternative to a cocktail dress.

The Malyas ethnic dress is called as the Baju Kurung, it is along flowing skirt paired with a long sleeved, knee length blouse. It is a loose and airy but lately the new versions are more fitted runway inspired trends with a range of colours and patterns and trendy accessories.

With different ethnic groups present in Singapore, many attires are accepted a dress is very casual but western clothing is the most common.

For business white shirts, tie and trousers are common for men and women wear blouses with sleeves and skirts or trousers.

So now you know what you gonna be wearing in Singapore the next time you are there.


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