We believe doing is the best form of learning & the future of
effective learning lies in the domain of experiential learning.
Hence, we have curated a series of youth programs revolving
around Leadership, Entrepreneurship & Innovation. So that
youth delegates from across India can gain valuable
Experience, build Network of a lifetime & gain access to Global
Opportunities in the respective programs conducted overseas.
The objective of CA program is to:
1. Build Awareness of Envisage Global & its youth programs.
2. Engagement activities.
3. Youth enrollment for the program.

Your Role

Being an Envisage Global Campus Ambassador (EGCA) is
an experience of its own. In the limited 4 week intensive CA
experience you will be given 4 main activities in order to
qualify and attain the EGCA benefits.
1. Promote and expand EG’s reach in your college and city
2. Know other qualified young professionals or college
students in your network that you believe would be a
great fit for EG Youth Programs? Refer them to apply!
Your goal is to refer as many youth applicants as
3. Plan and organize an event to promote EG in your city/
4. Contribute to Social Media pages of EG
5. Collaborate and forge the partnership with different
clubs and organizations to undertake mutually beneficial


Fly Abroad/Cash reward: On personally securing 30
enrolments for any of the youth programs, the EGCA
will be eligible for a fully sponsored youth program. If
the EGCA wishes to redeem this opportunity in terms of
cash, they will be eligible to receive INR 30,000 for 30
youth enrollments.
• Experience: working in an international job
environment, while closely running projects with people
of diverse backgrounds and culture.
• Certificate: Receive certificates from Envisage Global
upon successful completion of the term and
nominations to participate in bigger projects.
• Network: Enhance your network and learn from the top
leaders and resource persons.
• Carrying the flag of Envisage Global in your campus is
an opportunity for you to show off your own EG Swag.


Age between 18-25 years old;
Applicant should be enthusiastic to spread the cause of
Envisage Global; which is, providing experiential learning
opportunities to Indian youth;
Actively involved in co-curricular activities such as public
speaking, debating, designing and organizing programs
Demonstrable leadership qualities will be an added
advantage for the applicants;
Clearing the tele-interview on the schedule given to you
by our team leaders.

Interview Question

Please note that you are required to answer this question, “If
you are selected as an Ambassador of Envisage Global, how
would you promote Youth Programs in your college/city?”

Our Past EGCAs