The Ultimate Singapore Tour Guide

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Travelling around this tiny beautiful city takes a matter of few minutes, thanks to its vibrant public transport system. Having a desire to have Indian breakfast at little India street or planning to visit amusement park for recreation at universal studios, you will reach your destination like a wind.


If you are someone who loves to bargain or enjoy shopping late in the night then, “Mustafa Shopping Centre” is the right destination for you. It functions 24/7 throughout the year, offering all kinds of shopping products ranging from electronics, apparel, footwear, cosmetics, medicines, almost everything, that if I mention everything, time would not suffice.

  • Orchard street” is considered to be a shopping hub of Singapore. This street has everything from spa’s, boutique’s, entertainment shops, bars, pubs, restaurant’s, High-end Retail showrooms which is more than enough to spend your entire day at leisure.


  • FOOD

Food in Singapore is a delight to your soul!! From, affordable hawkers to high-fine dine restaurants, The Locals and tourists will queue up for them to relish their taste buds.

  • Here is the list of dishes that you must endeavour when you are in Singapore:
  1. Hainanese chicken rice
  2. Roti prata
  3. Chilli crab
  4. Rojak
  5. Oyster Omelette
  6. Laksa
  7. Satay


  1. Gardens by the bay: It is a place where you will find the network of all the tree and plant species from around the world under a single roof.
  2. Universal Studios: This exciting amusement park is based on the theme of Hollywood movies and sci-fi, in addition to that, there are also live events from dance to comedy.
  3. Sentosa: It is a man-made island which is amazingly designed and located. It was created for fun and recreation which includes 2 km long beach, Universal Studios, Tiger Sky tower and many more…
  4. Night Safari: It is a night zoo where you will pass through a rainforest watching elephants, lions, tigers and leopards.
  5. Merlion Park: This is the Icon of Singapore, it is 8.5-metre-long statue which has a body of mermaid and face of a lion.
  6. Singapore Flyer: It is a giant observation wheel offering breath-taking views of the entire Singapore city.
  7. Jurong Bird park: This park boasts of over 300 species of birds.
  8. Underwater World: It is an aquarium featuring unique marine species.





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